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Dedicated to helping you hand-craft your life so that you feel more joy, reach goals with more ease, and find fulfillment in each moment of your life. By distilling over a decade of studies and a lifetime of personal challenge and wisdom this heartfelt approach will change your life for the better. Guaranteed.

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The Chatter…

Like being underwater and knowing the way by following the light, there is this subtle compass in everyone’s life.
We may feel completely disoriented in the current or turned upside-down or completely overwhelmed, but if we can focus for just a moment, we will see this light directing us toward open air.
And if we can reach the light, if we can pull ourselves to the surface and breathe, the ocean currents will gently push us to shore so we can rest, regroup and bathe in that pure, bright light long enough to build our capacity for the next courageous dive.
— Erica Rose

Awarded 'Best Yoga Instructor in Phoenix' from Natural Awakenings Magazine 2017

Mentioned in: Voyage phoenix - Blue Osa Retreat Center - SWIHA


I’ve spent over a decade learning from the best teachers in the world and distilling that learning into wisdom to help You. I’ve coached NFL players, top level CEOs, stay at home moms, pre-op and post-op patients, people with disabilities, Olympic athletes, men ready to try yoga, and so many awesome people over the years. I feel that yoga is for EVERY-BODY and no matter where you’re at in life’s journey you can see amazing results from yoga, meditation, energy work, breath work, and daily hacks to self-love and self-care.

I grew up in Arizona and began practicing yoga at age 15 to prevent spinal surgery for severe scoliosis. I fell in love with how the practice made me feel physically and mentally and decided to continue down the yoga path even after I was told by doctors that I no longer needed surgery but was given the grim prognosis of being in a wheelchair by age 40. Now, in my mid-thirties I am happier and healthier than ever (no wheelchair in sight) and feel that I owe much of my happiness and health to the study and practice of yoga.

I look forward to seeing how our paths will connect and how I can be of benefit to you!

Let’s Love. xo.