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The Sessions…

erica vucich adjusting a yoga student in a private yoga session in chandler

Private Sessions

Booking a personal or private session can be a great way to introduce yourself to yoga without feeling intimidated in a group class setting. It can also be a great way to hone in on your existing skills and to work on specific goals. We can work together to discover how yoga can be most beneficial to you. A major benefit of one-on-one work is that you get completely individualized care and direction. This means we can go over posture modifications, movements that can be most beneficial to you, poses you may want to avoid, and there is time to have open dialogue so you can ask questions and get real time feedback. Whether you book just one or two sessions or make it a weekly investment it will be well worth the time and money!

I am also available for corporate classes/programs and private group “yoga parties.” If you’re looking for more opportunities for wellness in the workplace or something fun to do for a bachelorette weekend or family event, private yoga events and classes are a great way to think outside the box.

Individual Private Session: $95

Workplace/Corpoate Program: $120-$500

Family/Friend Yoga Party: $120-$175

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Energy detox [Reiki] sessions

If you’re dealing with health concerns, feeling depleted, struggling with anxiety, or just need a little rejuvenation, an energy session could be just what you are looking for! Some benefits of energy work include better sleep, restored energy levels, a sense of calm, and improved focus. Trying energy work for the first time can seem strange, I get it! I was skeptical, too. However, I’ve now been practicing this work for over 15 years and have seen the benefits firsthand. This form of energy work has been around for thousands of years and modern science is now starting to prove that the world is entirely made up of energy. So, simply put, in the practice of Reiki, the practitioner is just rearranging this energy or chi in a way that positively benefits the client. Our energies can become stagnant, stuck, and depleted with the chaos of daily life, so allowing yourself some time for an “energy detox” can feel amazing and rejuvenating. Sessions are made by appointment at your home and occasionally I will offer “pop up” days at a set location.

In Home Reiki: $95

Pop Up Special: $65


Vision Board Sessions

Vision Boards are one of my favorite ways to make things happen and follow through on goal setting. I’ve been blown away with my own results over the past 4 years of doing these boards and have heard so many awesome stories from others that this has become a must have in my motivation repertoire. Humans do better when we can see what we want, think about what we want, and focus on feeling what we want. Vision boards give us a concrete example of what we are striving for and by spending a little time each day focusing on visualizing, thinking, and feeling we are all but guaranteed to make our dreams and goals reality.

Individual Vision Boarding (90 minutes): $95

Group Vision Boarding (2 hours): $120